MRNS - PCDH19 Female Pediatric Epilepsy Featured on CBS Philly

Yesterday evening, Stephanie Stahl, CBS Philly's Emmy Award-winning medical reporter, broadcasted a story focused on a local Philadelphia girl diagnosed with PCDH19 female pediatric epilepsy, a recently discovered genetic condition that causes cluster seizures, and sometimes developmental and cognitive issues, in girls.

The full CBS Philly segment can be accessed via the following URL:

The full text of the story can also be found here:

Marinus Pharmaceuticals (MRNS) is dedicated to building awareness about PCDH19 female pediatric epilepsy, which, as mentioned in the CBS Philly broadcast segment, is frequently misdiagnosed. Of particular interest, the company recently initiated a Phase 2 clinical study of ganaxolone, a synthetic analog of allopregnanolone, in patients with PCDH19 female pediatric epilepsy. Initial data from the study is anticipated later this year. Further information about the Phase 2 study can be found on, using Identifier NCT02358538.