Ian Hunt joined Team Marinus as our Vice President, Market Access and Channel Strategy.

Ian Hunt has over 25 years of experience leading payer & channel strategy, field sales and marketing in commercial and pre-commercial programs for some of the industry’s foremost pharmaceutical and biotech companies. He has worked on the launch of over a dozen products and managed pricing and contracting for both Pharmacy and Medical Benefit products. He was most recently Vice President of Market Access; Payor and Site of Care Strategy & Marketing for Horizon Therapeutics where he was responsible for four Business Units, nine Brands, and investigational new products.

Previously, Mr. Hunt served as Head, Value & Access – Strategy/Marketing at Bioverativ, Inc., Vice President, Head Global Market Access, Patient Services, and Channel Strategy for Sage Therapeutics, and Senior Director, Payer & Channel Strategy and Marketing for Genzyme. Mr. Hunt holds a Master of Science degree in Politics & Economics from the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom where he was a Rotary Scholar, and a B.A. from Troy University in Alabama.