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August 11, 2023

Marinus’ Early Talent Program is designed to open doors for aspiring minds to immerse themselves in the dynamic landscape of the pharmaceutical industry. Collaborating closely with visionary leaders, Marinus’ interns embark on projects that drive real change while contributing to our mission of improving the lives of individuals and families affected by refractory seizure disorders.

This year, Marinus welcomed seven eager-to-learn interns who played a critical role in advancing a variety of meaningful projects. Importantly, through a collaboration with Life Science Cares Philadelphia and Project Onramp, a program designed to help underserved students start their careers in life sciences, we were able to expand our talent pool and help bridge the opportunity gap that exists for so many students. Their diverse knowledge, fresh perspectives, and unique skill sets have added new dimensions to Marinus. As we say farewell to our 2023 interns, we invite you to explore their stories, experiences, and the remarkable contributions they’ve made.


Rahil 1

Rahil Dixit
Regulatory Affairs Intern

Rahil Dixit’s search for an impactful pharmaceutical internship led him to Marinus, drawn by the immediate influence his projects would have on his team, the company, and the patient and medical communities impacted by the company’s work. 

“The commitment by Marinus to foster the development of life changing medications in the rare epilepsy space resonated throughout the entirety of my internship. Whether it be meetings, volunteering or casual conversations with other Marinus departments, the dedication to strengthen the treatment landscape for children and adults with seizure disorders was the constant driving force.”

Throughout his summer at Marinus, each project Rahil undertook provided a new perspective on regulatory affairs, enhancing his understanding of the intricate world of drug development.

“Whether it be projects on regulatory strategy for international regulatory authorities, optimizing a regulatory information management system, or understanding regulatory advertising promotion, each provided ample insight into the world of regulatory. My most proud achievement was creating the first ever internal website for the regulatory affairs department for company-wide use.”

For Rahil, the heart of Marinus lies in its collaborative team environment and the strong sense of community across the company. Interactions with his manager, the regulatory affairs department, and colleagues from various departments enriched his experience and professional journey.

“My personal and professional growth has been substantial throughout my time at Marinus. I have found a strong passion for the regulatory space and know that throughout the entirety of my career I can leave a positive impact on patients.”


Nathaniel Lapinski
Manufacturing / CMC Intern

Currently pursuing his undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering at Drexel University, Nathaniel saw Marinus as the perfect next step in his career journey. During his internship, his personal and professional growth was fueled by his willingness to ask questions and seek input from his colleagues.

“During my internship at Marinus, I learned to be comfortable with asking questions. It never hurts to get input from other employees, especially when everyone is working toward the same goal—to help patients. The more eyes and brain power that go into a project, the better the outcome. I was able to work on initiatives that will play a huge role in the creation of Marinus’ drug.”

Nathaniel was captivated by the collaborative and supportive nature of the teams at Marinus. Despite working in a hybrid environment, he found a strong sense of camaraderie among all employees which helped him form meaningful connections with numerous individuals in a short period of time.

“My manager Mike Rooney has taught me a lot since I have been here and has always been there when I needed him. He is an excellent mentor and an even better person. He played an integral role in ensuring my internship was both enjoyable and educational at the same time.”

Nathaniel’s internship at Marinus has been a transformative journey, filled with growth and discovery. As he carries forward his newfound lessons and mentorship, he is poised to make a meaningful impact in the world of biomedical engineering.


Emme Lee
Commercial Intern

Emme Lee’s journey to Marinus began with a passion for making a difference in people’s lives. After learning about the company’s commitment to helping patients with rare forms of genetic epilepsy, such as CDKL5 deficiency disorder, and reading stories about the families impacted by this disorder, Emme knew that Marinus was where she wanted to be. Joining the team, she found a close-knit community whose values resonated deeply with her own.

“During my internship, I created a target stakeholder list for one of the company’s therapeutic indications, focusing on integrated delivery networks and presented my work to Regional Account Managers. Additionally, by attending a Brand Strategy meeting in New York City I gained insights into the company’s approach to brand marketing and disease state awareness for a potential upcoming drug launch.”

Emme found herself embraced by Marinus’ welcoming and inclusive culture. Connecting with colleagues, both in person and virtually, was effortless due to the kindness and approachability of every team member. This supportive environment allowed her to network freely, learn from others’ career journeys, and receive valuable advice from mentors.

“My favorite part about interning at Marinus is the people. Everybody comes from amazing, diverse, unique backgrounds and contributes to a positive, collaborative workplace. The teams value their interns heavily and allow them to work on meaningful projects.”

The patient-centric mindset shared by every employee at Marinus resonated with Emme. Witnessing the dedication and hard work put forth to improve patients’ lives left a lasting impression on her, and she plans to carry this patient-centric approach with her throughout her pharmaceutical career.


Christine Nguyen
Human Resources Intern

As a Human Resources intern at Marinus, Christine had the opportunity to immerse herself in a wide spectrum of HR functions, leaving her stamp on the company’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. Her journey at Marinus was filled with accomplishments and invaluable lessons that further shaped her passion for fostering an inclusive culture.

“One particular accomplishment that fills me with immense pride was the opportunity to lead a focus group dedicated to crafting the Marinus DEI mission statement. Witnessing the active engagement of nearly half of the company in this brainstorming session was both humbling and inspiring. Guiding these meaningful discussions and having a tangible impact on shaping the company’s DEI initiatives made me feel truly fulfilled.”

 Christine also gained hands-on experience spearheading training programs, moderating leadership sessions, and actively contributing to policy writing and refining the onboarding process. However, her most profound lesson was the paramount importance of fostering an inclusive culture.

“At Marinus, DEI isn’t merely a buzzword; it’s ingrained in the organization’s fabric. This unwavering commitment to DEI stems from the understanding that it forms the foundation for stimulating creativity, fostering innovation, and nurturing the well-being of employees. Working with a team that champions positive change further solidified my passion for HR. The knowledge gained, the opportunities availed, and the meaningful connections formed have all contributed to shaping my future.”

Zeel 1

Zeel Patel
Corporate Affairs & Investor Relations Intern

Zeel Patel, a Healthcare Markets & Finance major, sought an internship that would allow her to build corporate skills while staying connected to her passion for the healthcare space. Motivated by the opportunity to make a positive impact on patients, Zeel joined Marinus to expand her knowledge and expertise in this dynamic field.

“During my internship, I found Marinus’ close-knit and welcoming culture extremely appealing as it provided me with the opportunity to seek mentorship across various departments, fostering a supportive learning environment.”

One of Zeel’s notable accomplishments during her internship was designing Marinus’ very first employee testimonials webpage. This project allowed her to connect with employees across a variety of departments to record their unique experiences at Marinus, which was then showcased on the company’s website. Zeel took pride in creating a platform where her colleagues’ voices could be heard, fostering a sense of unity and pride in the organization.

“During my internship, I had the valuable opportunity to acquire and hone various project management skills. The company’s encouragement and support allowed me to take on projects independently, from their inception to completion, fostering my growth and confidence in executing tasks from start to finish.”

Zeel’s experience has reinforced her passion for the healthcare industry and equipped her with essential skills for a successful career. As she continues to progress through her education and professional development, she carries with her the invaluable lessons and fond memories from her time at Marinus.

Elizabeth 1

Elizabeth Sutherland Kourniotis
Scientific Affairs Intern

Elizabeth’s decision to intern at Marinus was driven by the interactions she had during the interview process. With a hands-on approach and excitement to nurture her growth, Marinus exuded a family dynamic that Elizabeth was eager to be a part of.

“The company’s efforts to foster an environment where interns could thrive were evident through weekly lunch and learn sessions with department leaders, which facilitated learning and networking opportunities. The in-person intern day at headquarters was a particularly memorable experience that made me feel welcome and valued.”

During her internship, Elizabeth worked on the Scientific Affairs team to create a list of Key Opinion Leaders for one of Marinus’ research areas. She played a pivotal role in organizing objective defining criteria, conducting thorough research, inputting critical information, and analyzing the final list.

“I’m very proud to have been part of this project as I know this work and list will go on to be very instrumental cross functionally as well as to advance the company overall. Few people my age and at my level can say they played such an integral role in building something so important for a company’s future interactions.”

Throughout her time at Marinus, Elizabeth learned the importance of effective communication and built relationships that she will carry with her throughout her career.

“Everyone I have interacted with has been nothing but welcoming and I know I will be able to maintain these connections long after my time has completed with Marinus.”


Thank you to our 2023 interns and we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!