Ethics & Compliance


At Marinus, we are committed to our patients, physicians, and epilepsy community, as we plan our path forward to providing much needed options for patients living with seizure disorders.  We put our patients first by conducting business honestly and ethically and in compliance with the laws and regulations applicable to the healthcare industry.

These objectives are accomplished through the implementation of the fundamental elements of an effective compliance program established by the Officer of Inspector General:

  • Oversight – The board of directors and its committees, oversees the Compliance Program to ensure that company operates in a manner that complies with laws and regulations and reflects our high standards of integrity.
  • Written Standards – The Company maintains a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics that is based on the Company’s core values. In addition, the Compliance Team maintains and continues to implement relevant policies and procedures based on periodic assessment of risks rooted in our business and the ever-evolving compliance, regulatory, and legal environments.
  • Training and Education – All employees, as well as contractors and third parties conducting business on the Company’s behalf, are required to undergo training on associated Marinus’ policies and procedures, and applicable legal requirements specific to their roles.
  • Lines of Communication – The Company promotes open communication at all levels of the organization through multiple channels. Employees can report concerns to leadership, as well as Human Resources, Compliance, and/or Legal. Employees who raise a valid concern, can report it safely, securely and anonymously through the Company’s hotline. The hotline is available 24/7 to employees and the public.
  • Auditing and Monitoring – The Compliance Team is responsible for assessing, evaluating, monitoring and auditing identified risk areas on an ongoing basis to ensure the program is operating effectively. Relevant findings are reported to the executive team, and the Board of Directors. 
  • Response to Potential Violations – All reports of potential violations are investigated in a thorough, timely and fair manner using a standard process. We evaluate each case individually and determine appropriate disciplinary consequences accordingly.
  • Corrective Actions – The Company has established mechanisms to identify suspected improper conduct and to take appropriate disciplinary and/or corrective action in the event that improper conduct occurs.

As part of our commitment to ethics and compliance, Marinus also abides by the anti-bribery and record keeping provisions of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.  Our policies specifically prohibit bribing or offering, providing or promising anything of value, either directly or indirectly, that is intended to improperly influence the action of government or private individuals.


As part of the continued efforts of Marinus Pharmaceuticals, Inc., we have developed a Comprehensive Compliance Program (CCP) in accordance with the requirements of California Health & Safety Code §§ 119400-119402.  Marinus has implemented elements of a CCP to address certain issues uniquely raised by the California Law. In making this declaration of compliance, Marinus is asserting that its CCP is reasonably designed to prevent and detect violations of law, regulations, and company policies, and provides for disciplinary and corrective actions when appropriate. We also have established a specific annual dollar limit of $2,500.00 on spending for promotional materials, and items or activities provided to healthcare professionals in California, as required by California law.

To the best of our knowledge, on March 6, 2024, we are, in all material respects, in compliance with our CCP and the requirements set forth in California Health & Safety Code §§ 119400-119402 and annual dollar limit. For a copy of this declaration of compliance please contact Marinus’ compliance hotline at 1-888-449-1002 or by email request to