DEI Mission Statement

October 25, 2023

By: Nicole DiGiovanni, Director, Learning & Organizational Development

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are not merely buzzwords; they are the foundation of a thriving and successful organization. At Marinus, we firmly believe that a diverse and inclusive workplace fosters innovation, creativity, and a stronger sense of community among our team members. This year, we set out to create a DEI mission statement to guide us in our commitment to cultivating a workplace where everyone feels welcome, respected, and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives.

The Marinus DEI Statement

“At Marinus, we are driven by a shared commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We value the power of diverse backgrounds and experiences in strengthening our organization. Diversity helps us to celebrate differences and listen and learn from each other, to foster a team-oriented, inclusive, and accountable environment. This mindset, combined with our patient-focused approach, guides us to deliver innovative treatments, offering hope to patients and caregivers.”

Why a DEI Mission Statement Matters

We believe a carefully curated DEI statement can help build a culture where diversity of thought is encouraged, employee well-being is a top priority, and employees are empowered to bring their authentic voices to work. It can establish a unifying mission statement for everyone to rally behind and articulate the driving force behind our quest for inclusivity. By embracing and celebrating our differences, we’re able to tap into the wealth of knowledge, experiences, and perspectives that a diverse workforce brings to the table.

Defining DEI at Marinus

Marinus’ newly minted DEI statement is a testament to our commitment to welcome everyone, irrespective of their background, school of thought, or life experiences. It’s about creating a space where everyone belongs and forms the foundation of a culture that encourages employees to lead with compassion and drive innovation within the organization. The patients and families we serve are incredibly diverse, and a diverse workforce will help us to gain the insights required to drive meaningful change.

Embracing a Collaborative Process

Creating a DEI mission statement at Marinus was far from a top-down Human Resources process. It was a collaborative effort that required input from all corners of the organization to enable every employee to be represented.

  1. Fresh Perspectives: Marinus’ new DEI statement speaks to the power of diverse backgrounds and experiences. By bringing in our Human Resources intern to help lead the project, we saw that fresh perspectives were infused into the process from the very beginning.
  2. Company-Wide Engagement: Our DEI mission statement emphasizes the importance of listening and learning from each other. To initiate the process, we invited all employees to join a focus group, which was pivotal in creating open dialogue and a baseline understanding of what a DEI mission statement is.
  3. Employee Focus Groups: The DEI statement also underlines fostering a team-oriented, inclusive, and accountable environment. After aligning on the purpose of our DEI statement, breakout sessions were deployed where employees discussed what diversity means to them for our statement to reflect the voices of our people.
  4. Words of Inclusion: Employees had the opportunity to select words that resonated most with them.
  5. Democratic Decision-Making: The mission statement’s final selection was not arbitrary. Once the focus group feedback was gathered, the organization was presented with three potential DEI mission statements and invited to vote on the statement that resonated with them the most, ensuring their active participation in the decision-making process.

The Impact of DEI: A Personal Perspective

Throughout my career I have facilitated a variety of leadership and team-based educational workshops that utilize a personality inventory to help individuals better understand themselves and how they show up for people, as well as the similarities and differences that exist between people. Through these experiences, I’ve learned that true interpersonal effectiveness can only be achieved when we take the time to not only understand and accept one another, but appreciate one another for who we really are, which is at the core of DEI efforts.

Sustainable Change through DEI

To create real, sustainable change, DEI must be an integral part of organizational culture. It’s about creating an ecosystem where diversity, equity, and inclusion are embedded in the organizational DNA, contributing to continuous growth, innovation, and excellence. Key strategies include maintaining leadership engagement and accountability, fostering open dialogue about diversity and inclusion, and committing to continuous improvement by evaluating the effectiveness of DE&I initiatives.

The journey of Marinus in creating a DEI mission statement is a powerful testament to the significance of a collaborative approach in shaping an inclusive workplace. By involving employees from all levels and backgrounds, Marinus has not only established a meaningful DEI mission statement that resonates with employees but has also solidified a commitment to creating a workplace where everyone belongs, and real, sustainable change can be achieved. Anchored by our new DEI statement, we are committed to an environment that celebrates differences, fosters an inclusive workforce, and delivers innovative treatments that offer hope to patients and families. We hope that sharing this process inspires organizations worldwide to embark on their own DEI journey with collaboration and purpose.